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Why Buy from Us ?


You might ask yourself, Why would I go to the trouble of buying my firearm from out of state and having it shipped to me? Or, Why buy from this little local FFL when I can go to one of the huge gun stores in town?

    I am going to answer this from my personal experiences and opinions. First, a little about me, I have been a competitive marksman and a member of the National Rifle Association since I was 11 years old. I have a passion for firearms, I enjoy learning about them, shooting them and I also personally, legally, carry for personal defense. I read everything I can get my hands on about both the guns and the industry as a whole. I never want to stop learning about this constantly changing industry. I have personally frequented 2 of the largest gun dealers in our metropolitan area multiple times and at both I have received poor customer service. My experiences have been that the person behind the counter either did not know about the product they were selling and would make things up, or the person behind that counter had an agenda to push his or her favorite gun brand or what the store was getting kick-backs on that month. I found this customer service experience to be very frustrating. These large stores that have thousands of square feet and a dozen employees also have huge overhead expenses. I have observed some prices that would be criminal in any other industry. 

    Here at Cornerstone Arms we have very low overhead costs and when you have a question about a product you will be communicating directly with the owner of the company. If you want to go and put your hands on dozens of different guns in one place, go ahead and go to the big gun shop near you. When you find one you like, email me with the details and I will respond with the lowest price I can get for you. In this economy every dollar counts and when you buy from me you will save. If you are a Colorado resident in one of the bigger cities, you will save on Sales Tax with us because our rate is only 5.13% as opposed to 7-8.9% in some of the cities. 

    The bottom line is Customer Service, If you ask me about a product that I do not know about, I will tell you that, I will not make something up in the hopes of getting a sale out of you. I am happy to do the research for you if you have specific requests and if I can not get a product or can not get you the best price, I will tell you. That is our promise to you at Cornerstone Arms.