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How to buy a Firearm online


Q: Can I purchase firearms online?
A: Yes, you most certainly can! The process is actually quite simple; just follow these steps:

1) Find the item you want. (Like the many deals posted Here in our Store, for example!)

2) Find an FFL (Federal firearms license) holder to complete the transfer. You can't just have firearms shipped to you; they need to be shipped to an FFL holder where you can pick them up (and complete a federally-mandated background check). Most FFLs will charge a nominal fee for this; prices may vary depending on where you live. ($25 seems to be an "average" price.)

3) Get your FFL to send a copy of his license to the place that has the gun(s) you want. Usually you can do this by e-mail or fax; the website will list instructions on how to send a copy of the FFL to them. 

4) Place your order, making sure to indicate - either in the shipping section or comments section, usually - that you want the gun sent to the correct FFL.

5) Wait the agonizing few days for your gun to arrive. Usually your FFL will give you a call when it gets in. We will always Email you your Tracking Number so you will know when it gets to your local FFL.

6) Head on over to the FFL, fill out the paperwork for the Background Check and wait for the confirmation to come in... 

7) Once the background check comes back clear and your paperwork is all filled out you're ready to take possession of your firearm(s)! PLEASE don't forget, however, to do a thorough inspection of your purchase before agreeing to take possession - if something's wrong with the gun and you refuse the transfer most reputable businesses will take the gun back at no charge and either issue a refund or send you a replacement. If you take possession and then notice a problem you'll have to deal with the manufacturer's warranty in most cases. -- WE OFFER A FULL REFUND WITHIN 5 DAYS OF YOU TAKING POSSESION OF IT FROM YOUR FFL, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE NOT SHOT IT YOU CAN SHIP IT BACK TO US FOR A FULL REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PRICE -- We do everything in our power to make sure you get the gun you wanted in the condition you wanted and that you are happy in every way with your purchase. 

Good luck with your purchase!

You can always shoot us an email at and we will be happy to find a good Transfer FFL near you for your online purchase !!